How To use Jio Tv Without Jio Sim (100% Working) (2020)

Reliance Jio developed lots of Useful apps for its users like Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Saavn and etc. These apps are exclusively made for Jio SIM user and you can run those applications on the Jio network only. Jio TV allows you to watch live TV channels on the internet without any hassle. You can watch more than 545 local and international channels and also it comes with 60 plus HD channels.
How To use Jio Tv Without Jio Sim
How To use Jio Tv Without Jio Sim  
Jio TV has so many features that not only Jio users but other network users also want to use this application. We have written this post with the aim to teach you some on how to use Jio TV without Jio SIM.

How to watch Jio TV without Jio SIM:

Basically, Jio TV is specially made for Jio SIM Users. Because of its astonishing features, other SIM users also want to enjoy the features of Jio TV within their network.  Here, we will explain to you some tricks about how to watch Jio TV without Jio SIM.

Three Methods Available :

  1. Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using other Jio user’s ID and Password
  2. Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using a modded APK file
  3. Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using VirtualXposed

Method 1: Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using other Jio user’s ID and Password:

If you don’t have Jio SIM but want to enjoy the features of Jio TV, you can get the username and password from the other Jio users.

Jio User Id And Password
Jio User Id And Password

Step 1: First, you have to install the Jio TV app from the Google play store on your device.
Step 2: Once it is installed, launch the app. Click on the Sign-in option. It will show you two options. You can use anyone from the options.
Step 3: The first option will your username and password. Get the Jio ID or username and password from your friend or family member who uses Jio SIM. Enter it and click on the Sign-in option.
Step 4: The second option will ask you to enter your Jio number. You can enter your friend’s Jio number here.
Step 5: Once you enter the Jio number, click on the Submit button. It will send One Time Password (OTP) to the entered number.
Step 6: Get that OTP from your friend and enter it. It will verify the entered OTP. Once the verification process successfully completed, you can any channels on Jio TV without using Jio SIM.

Method 2: Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using a modded APK file:

If you don’t want to use other user’s Jio ID and Password then you can choose this method. In this method, you have to download a modded APK file which does not require you to enter Jio ID and Password.  Before going to the steps you uninstall the official Jio TV app if you have installed it on your smartphone.
Jio Tv App
Jio Tv App

Step 1: First you have to download the modded APK file of Jio TV from trusted websites.
Step 2: To install a modded apk on your device, you have enabled or turn on the unknown resources option. 
Step 3: To enable it, just go to Settings and navigate to the security option. And then toggle the next to the unknown resources option.
Step 4: Now, navigate to the location of the saved Jio TV modded APK file with the help of any File Manager on your device.
Step 5: Click on the downloaded Jio TV modded APK file to begin the installation process.
Step 6: Once installation completes, you can launch the Jio TV app on your device without using Jio SIM and also without entering Jio ID and Password.

Method 3: Use Jio TV without Jio SIM by using VirtualXposed:

You can also use VirtualXposed software to use Jio TV without Jio SIM. This platform helps you to customize the look and functionality of Android with the help of modules. Let’s see how to use VirtualXposed software for Jio TV.

            VirtualXposed software for Jio TV
            VirtualXposed software for Jio TV

Step 1: First, you have to install Jio TV from Google Play Store on your device. If you already using the modded Jio TV app kindly uninstall it and then install Jio TV from the play store.
Step 2: Now, download the APK file of VirtualXposed from trusted sources and install it on your device.
Step 3: To run the VirtualXposed software properly on your device, you should give all permissions to the app. Go to the settings and navigate to the Apps section. Select the VirtualXposed and tap on the permissions and enable all options to allow.
Step 4: Now, launch the VirtualXposed app on your device and click on the Menu button. From the list of menu, choose the ‘add app’ option. Choose the Jio TV app and then click on the install button.  Now, Jio TV has been added to VirtualXposed.
Step 5: Again open the VirtualXposed and swipe the menu upwards. Here, you will see the all Xposed app. Click on the menu at the top left side and choose the download option from the list.
Step 6: Download the ‘fake Wi-Fi reworked’ by searching the keyword and install it in VirtualXposed. After that, go to the menu option and choose the module option. And then click on the ‘fake Wi-Fi reworked’ to activate it.
Step 7: Now, you can see the fake Wi-Fi reworked module in VirtualXposed. Click on that module and then choose Jio TV and save it. 
Step 8: Once you are done, restart your device. Now, open Jio TV and enjoy it without Jio SIM.

Final Words:

We have shared you with three different methods to watch Jio TV without Jio SIM. Hope these tricks will be helpful to you. Thank You for reading this Post.


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