How To Jio WiFi Login (Easy Tips)

Jio Wi-Fi is a wireless device launched by reliance industries that are used to access the high-speed internet on many devices at the same time. You can connect this device to your 2g, 3g, 4g Smartphone, Computer, Tablets, or Smart TV. If you are the user of the Jio Wi-Fi device, you may get doubts about how to use this device. In this post, you can get the information about how to login to the Jio Wi-Fi. First, we will focus on the features of the Jio Wi-Fi device before going to the steps.
How To Jio Wi-Fi Login (Easy Tips) 

Top Features of Jio Wi-Fi:

  • You can enjoy the fastest internet with the help of Jio Wi-Fi which gives download speed up to 150 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps.
  • You can even enjoy high-speed internet on your 2g or 3g smartphones.
  • Jio Wi-Fi allows you to connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • It has a powerful battery (2300mAh) which supports 5 to 6 hours of surf time.
  • You can connect Jio Wi-Fi to Smartphone, laptops, tablets, and even Smart TV.
  • With this device, you can even make high definition video and voice calls, send SMS and set up video and audio conferences with the Jio4Gvoice app.

Steps for Jio Wi-Fi login:

Step 1: Turn ON Jio Wi-Fi device:
  • First of all, you have to turn on your Jio Wi-Fi device. The Power-On button will be present at the front side of your Jio Wi-Fi device. You have to press that button and hold down until your Jio Wi-Fi device will be on. You can see some lights are blinking on the Jio Wi-Fi device which means that your device is ready to use.

Step 2: Connect our Jio Wi-Fi device to a Smartphone or Computer:

  • After turning on your Jio Wi-Fi device, you need to connect that device to your smartphone or computer through Wi-Fi. You cannot do anything without connecting the device, because the Jio Wi-Fi device does not have any display panel to show what you are doing on the device. So we need the help of a smartphone or computer to log in to the Jio Wi-Fi device.
  • You need to know about the Jio Wi-Fi SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Jio Wi-Fi password to connect your Jio Wi-Fi device to a smartphone or computer. To find your Jio Wi-Fi SSID and Password, you have to remove the battery from the device, and SSID and password are printed under the battery. You can note down that SSID and password on a page or notepad.

Step 3: Get the username and password for Jio Wi-Fi Admin Login:

  • Once you are connecting your Jio Wi-Fi device to your smartphone or computer, you have to find the username and password for Jio Wi-Fi Admin login. You can see the login username and password at the same place where you found Jio Wi-Fi SSID and password. Usually, the username and password for Jio Wi-Fi admin login is ‘administrator’.

Step 4: Log in to the Jio Wi-Fi Admin:
  • After getting your username and password, you need to open a web browser on your device in which you have connected your Jio Wi-Fi device. Once you open the browser, visit the website http://jiofi.local.html or
  • It will take you to the official website of Jio Wi-Fi admin login. On the home page of the website, you can see a Login button at the top right side of the screen and click on it. Enter the username and password as ‘administrator’ to login to the website.
  • If you are trying to open the Jio Wi-Fi login official website without connecting a Jio Wi-Fi device to your smartphone or computer, you will see an error message ‘This page is not working’ on the browser. This means you cannot open the Jio Wi-Fi official login website without connecting both devices.

Step 5: JioFi settings:

  • After successfully logging into the Jio Wi-Fi Admin Panel, you can easily manage the JioFi settings which are allowed by Reliance Jio Company for Jio Wi-Fi users. By default, the User Management page will open where you can change and update your Jio Wi-Fi username and password.

Step 6: Update Jio Wi-Fi username and password:

  • In the Jio Wi-Fi admin login panel, you can get a lot of features about your Wi-FI devices. You can perform a lot of changes like updating your Jio Wi-Fi username and password and a lot more changes regarding your Jio Wi-Fi Device.

Step 7: Logout to the Jio Wi-Fi Admin:

  • Once you are done with changes, you can Logout from the Jio Wi-Fi Admin dashboard by simply clicking on the Logout button which appears at the top right side of the screen. After clicking on the Logout button, you will be logged out successfully from the Jio Wi-Fi dashboard. You will be redirected to the Jio Wi-Fi login official website’s homepage where you can log in again with your Jio Wi-Fi Admin Panel.

Final words:

I hope this post is helpful to you to get the necessary information about Jio Wi-Fi and also know about how to login to the Jio Wi-Fi admin panel to perform some changes in your device.


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